Broiled Reuben Sandwiches

This is more an idea than a recipe. But the picture sure turned out pretty! I asked my husband for meal ideas this week and he came up with some great ones! I should ask Klane for input more often. I would've never thought to make these, but they were fantastic, quick and so flavorful!

Broiled Rueben Sandwiches

Rye bread, sliced
Thousand Island dressing
Swiss cheese slices
Corned beef, sliced

Pile everything on one slice of bread on a baking sheet and set open-faced sandwiches and extra slices under the broiler until cheese melts and bread is toasted. Top sandwiches with toased bread, flip sandwiches over and put back under the brolier until the other side is toasted. (I suppose these could also be grilled.) Yum!

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